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NWDS welcomes staff to their team from all backgrounds and is proud to boast over 50% of the NWDS team were born overseas. This provides an amazingly diverse mix of interests and cultures that are celebrated with participants who benefit from an understanding of their own culture and also offers new cultural experiences to connect with.

The expectation of the NWDS team are high, and we draw staff who have a desire to work in a professional, well trained organisation, whilst also being able to expand their humanity by working directly with and supporting people with a disability who want to broaden their own skills and interests.

When you join the NWDS team you will be constantly “Turning Dreams into Reality” for our participants and opening yourself up to the satisfaction gained by knowing you have been a catalyst to the greater independence and flourishing of the people you work with.

Work with NWDS

Job Application Cover Sheet

Thank you for your interest in working with NWDS. Can you please complete the following questions.

Job Application Position* - required
Personal Information
If not born in Australia are you an Australian Citizen?* - required
Visa Status
Are you on a Student or any other Work Permit Visa?* - required
Do you agree to provide details of your visa?* - required

Details needed: Work eligibility conditions, Maximum work hours. Original Passport showing Visa shown at interview

Do you have a current First Aid Certificate?* - required
Do you agree to obtain one within 2 months and keep it valid for the duration of your emplyment at your own expense?

Do you hold a Certificate III or Certificate IV in Disability Studies / Individual Support?
Do you agree to commenance within 3 months and finish within 12 at your own expense?

Do you have an NDIS Worker Screen Check?* - required

Please be aware having a NDIS Worker Check and keeping it Valid is a Government Requirement.
You can not start employment without one.
For more information please visit. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/ndiswc

Do you have your Covid - 19 Vaccination (Including Booster)?* - required

Please be aware having your Covid Vaccine (Including Booster) is a requirement.

A manual LR licence is a pre-requirement except in approved circumstances. I am prepared to gain and maintain a manual LR licence within the first 2 months of employment or at such time as I am legally allowed and understand this is done in my own time and at my expense.
Are you aware of any physical or mental incapacity that may require NWDS to assess reasonable adjustment requirements?
Mandatory field(s) marked with *
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