What does NWDS Charge for my Staff Support and Travel?

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North West Disability Services is a registered NDIS provider and is available to assist you with activities and services to enable you to achieve your NDIS Goals.

  • Committed Service Delivery- NWDS is committed to provide a Person Centered approach and to deliver service that meets the individuals, their family and circles of support needs and wishes.
  • Choice and Community Connections- We greatly value and encourage the expansion of Circles of Support to increase the connections and involvement in the lives of individuals whilst also incorporating the person’s culture.
  • Skill Development- NWDS is able to assist participants to develop new interests and goals whilst also enhancing their existing skill areas.
  • Highly Trained Staff- NWDS staff receive comprehensive training and are competency assessed and ready to assist you.You have choice in the staff that will work with you.
  • Fees- There are no additional fees to attend NWDS. But if you choose activities where there is an entry cost or additional travel, you will be charged for this. This activity cost will be calculated on your Schedule of Support and you will receive a copy of this.
  • Quotes- We will give you a quote for your approval which details hours to be provided, how many weeks, cost per hour, proposed km, and what amount will be in your NDIS service booking. This is called your Budget of Support Costs.
  • Charges- If you have NDIS funding you will be charged the current NDIS staff cost rates as outlined in the latest NDIS Price Guide.
  • Invoicing- We will invoice for the agreed supports after they have been provided and send to NDIS, your nominated Plan Manager, or your nominee if you are Self-Managed.
  • Service Agreement- We will also go through a detailed Service Agreement with you that details the Rights and Responsibilities of both NWDS and the participant.
  • TTP Rates Categories- A number of supports in the Assistance with Daily Living Support Category and the Social, Economic and Community Participation Support Category are in the scope of the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP).
  • TTP Rate- NWDS meets all the eligibility requirements and claims the TTP rate as detailed in the NDIS  Price Guide.

If you do not have NDIS funding we can still provide support on a fee for service basis. Please Contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Please see the NDIS website for more details about current pricing.

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