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For over 30 years, North West Disability Services (NWDS) has been supporting people with a disability to achieve their personal goals and flourish in their community. NWDS focuses on the individual and their personal aspirations to lead a self-directed and valuable life. While NWDS provides recreation, skill development and training that continually works toward personal independence, we also engage the person with family, friends and social networks to build opportunity for contribution within their direct and wider community.

As an innovative service provider NWDS draws on the valuable life experiences of staff to contribute their personal skills and interests to the service mix. Your own interest and hobbies provide the opportunity for our people to connect with the diverse and fascinating options that life can offer. Our extensive training and development enables a thorough understanding of the personal commitment and knowledge required to gain personal satisfaction in a job well done and to achieve a rewarding career.

NWDS is a charity and Equal Opportunity Employer and offers 24/7 flexible working conditions, work/life balance and salary packaging. Volunteers and people seeking work experience are also welcome to join our team at NWDS and work with us to create the very best we can for the people we serve by “turning dreams into reality”.

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