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North West Disability Services Australia Liimited (NWDS) welcomes people to become an associate member of our organisation . As an associate member of NWDS you have the opportunity to vote at the Annual General Meeting and Special Meetings to elect the Governing Board of North West Disability Services and establish the Constitution under which the organisation operates. Our members appreciate the opportunity to become a part of this organization and contribute their time and experience. NWDS recognises the generosity of all its volunteers and honors those who contribute extended time and skill with “life membership” of the organisation.

Members of the Board of NWDS must not be a Bankrupt person nor have a legal action taken against them, past or present, that could impact on their credibility to function with skill, knowledge and integrity as part of a Community Board of Governance.

The membership fee rate is $11.00 (including GST) with a concession rate of $5.50 (including GST). The Concession rate refers to the holder of a Centrelink Pension Card or similar concession card. The membership fee is made payable to North West Disability Services Inc and can be posted to:  P.O. Box 947, BAULKHAM HILLS, NSW 1755

To maintain voting rights the fee must be paid yearly at or before the Annual General Meeting of the Association, to ensure your financial status. You may bring your payment to the Annual General Meeting, which will be held at the NWDS Conie Avenue, Baulkham Hills premises.

If you would like to become a member of NWDS Association , please complete following application form and post to: P.O. Box 947, BAULKHAM HILLS, NSW 1755 , which will then be checked by the board for approval, then you will be advised of the outcome of your application.

Application for Membership