The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a not-for-profit ‘Community Hub’ situated on 15 acres at the Western Sydney University, Hawkesbury and managed by North West Disability Services (NWDS). We are located in Clydesdale Lane on the Western Sydney University campus, Richmond, NSW. Our facilities utilise reverse integration to bring the community into an environment that supports a range of programs for people with a disability, school children, aged members of our community, students, volunteers and the whole community.

The focus of the Secret Garden is to provide a space that draws community groups, organisations and individuals together in a learning environment to develop the very best ways for our society and community to live, work and play in a way that is sustainable. The Secret Garden is a welcoming mix of a wide range of people from our community who find that being at the garden has enabled them to flourish and grow, while they develop their own interest areas and generate opportunities for the community.

Members of the community are most welcome to enrol in any of our courses, visit our beautiful gardens, bring the kids to enjoy the playground and farmyard animals or select plants from our extensive plant nursery. Many plants for sale have been propagated on-site by our wonderful volunteers and program participants. The sale of our plants helps finance our garden and community projects and enables us to continue to grow.

The Secret Garden offers a safe and supportive environment where people with a range of abilities can participate and learn skills through our programs. We also offer specialised engagement opportunities for the whole community in areas such as horticulture, permaculture, sustainability, animal husbandry and mud-brick making.

Come visit us and enjoy our peaceful rambling gardens, browse through our massive selection of plants for sale or just say hi to our resident chickens, guinea pigs, ducks, sheep, goats and miniature donkeys!

For more information about us and our services to the community, please visit our Facebook page or call us on 0414 784 460

Clydesdale Lane, University of Western Sydney

Richmond NSW 2753, Richmond NSW

(02) 9686 4155
F (02) 9686 4144