Peter Murray

Photo of Peter Murray

Congratulations Peter on your retirement after 18 years of service with NWDS.

Peter Murray Started with NWDS on 29/06/2004 as a support worker, after working in varying different industries such as taxi driving and tow truck driving, Peter decided to work in the disability field. Taking on and completing a Diploma in disability studies. Peter went on to become a supervising staff with North West, writing and running numerous programs. Peters’ passion was with his work-based programs. Programs such as Lawn mowing crew, fundraising, and Bidjiwong Community Nursery. Peter loved to keep the participants active in the community and engage them in meaningful, work tasks in which they could see results of their labour and have pride in what they had achieved. This allowed Peter to build some very special rapports with the participants that he worked closely with and see some amazing results. Peter also became a competency assessor, helping many staff complete their required competencies and meet their KPI’s. Always making himself available when needed. Peter always joked that he would remain at NWDS until he was 80 years old. Unfortunately, his health has not allowed for this to happen. Peter has had a sea change and moved to the Central Coast to enjoy a relaxing retirement. We wish him all the best and he will be greatly missed around NWDS.