Community Contributions - Holly & Pam

Photo of Holly and Pam\

Community Contribution
The Lavender Community Contribution group has decided to spoil their friends with healthy juices. They took turns in using the juicer to squeeze carrots and oranges in order to make delicious healthy drinks for their friends. The small donations has been donated to the Turkish Earthquake Appeal to assist families who are struggling to cope with the devastating impacts of the 4.9 magnitude earthquake on the 6th of February 2023. Pam and Holly are pictured hard at work making juice.

Photo of Holly delivering paper for community contribution

Assisting the Pet Shop by donating shredded paper for pet bedding
The Lavender Community Contribution group had fun shredding paper. The group then delivered this paper to Kellyville Pets to be used as bedding for the cute puppies and bunnies in their care. While the group was there, they were able to pat the puppies too! Holly was impressed with this black and white puppy.