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Values and Mission

Vision Statement

"Turning Dreams into Reality"


Vision Posters

Mission Statement

“To be a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the responsive and innovative creation of individual life opportunities while embedding people in their community.”


NWDS believes:

  • each and every person has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world.
  • in helping individuals to develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals.
  • in assisting individuals so they can express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas.
  • that each person ought to be respected and heard and fully integrated in their community.
  • in fairness and that each person should be empowered to exercise independence over the choices and direction of their life.

NWDS has a vision of a world where people learn to respect, accept, and embrace individual differences and human rights principles.


We create and respond to innovative practices that will enable our people to flourish.

Honesty & Integrity  

In all that we do, in all that we say, in all that we create.


We understand what others are going through and are here to provide support.


It's what we do and do not do for which we are accountable.


We show people they are important to us and the community by what we do and say.