Community Contributions - Lisa & Matthew

NWDS has a foundation expectation that as a Charity and Public Benevolent Institution we are here to support the community in every way we can with a focus on our people with a disability.  This has then also been extended to our participants and staff who are encourage and supported to open their awareness to community needs and look at any avenues where our participants in the normal course of their day can offer something back to the community.  That opportunity can take the form of local events and supports where they might assist a person with their garden through (Community gardening) or cook up sweets for the local aged persons home or go to the home to entertain the residents. Often it can be more state wide where they may collect blankets for the homeless or have a bake sale and raise funds for a particular event. We also look at the community and sign  up on program to bring about change and provide the opportunity for our people with disabilities to understand and explore initiative to bring change to our society. 

Photo of Lisa and Matthew CC Meals on Wheels

Lisa and Matt are part of our Meals on Wheels program that delivers meals once a fortnight, they are excited that they can now deliver food to people who need their help again. They also enjoy having a little chat.