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Volunteer Role at NWDS

The role of a volunteer at NWDS is a support to the participants of the organisation.

Most volunteers have personal experience or personal reasons for wanting to work with people with disabilities and to give back to the community.

Volunteers report directly to the workers running the program, and indirectly to the management of the organisation.

The essential requirements:

  • A commitment to the rights of individuals who have a disability
  • Be willing to accept guidance and instruction
  • Be willing to assist individuals to increase their independence ie mobility, decision-making and money management
  • Assist in the organisation of the day
  • Assist in the maintenance and general cleaning of the facilities
  • Accept responsibility and initiate action for ensuring all WHS policy and procedures are implemented and ongoing monitoring of WHS risk areas are addressed at all times.
  • Must have a current Criminal Record Check ( and a Working with Children Check if going to work with children )

The desirable requirements:

  • Assist the Coordinator and other staff in the delivery of services to individuals with disabilities- to help with the implementation of activities
  • Involve the individuals in decision making; help promote interaction in the community and independence
  • Assist the Coordinator and other staff in the planning and organisation of the program
  • Follow the instructions given by the Coordinator and other staff
  • Assist in maintaining a positive and supportive environment within the programs
  • Be willing to attend meeting and/or training workshops convened for volunteers at the centre
  • First Aid Certificate maintained up to date.
  • Current LR license and ability to pass ongoing assessment of LR license

Volunteer Experience:

Patrick Espinosa - Volunteer

Patrick Espinosa commenced with NWDS in 2008. His interest in volunteering came about because he wanted time to care for his wife and wanted to give back to the community. A friend of Patrick’s told him about us and all the goals NWDS hoped to achieve, he saw this as a way to give time to his wife and enabling him to share his love of music with others. Patrick came to NWDS, completed his orientation, on Patrick’s first shift he found it quite emotional, he felt that life was tough for some of our participants. Sympathy later turned to hope as Patrick saw that the participants enjoyed his company and support and wanted to form friendships with him. Patrick was so thrilled by this acceptance that he went home and shared stories of his day with his family. His wife was so impressed that she even joined him in the Healthy cooking program.

Patrick was awarded Volunteer of the Year 2010 by the staff and participants of North West Disability Services.