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Friends of NWDS

‘Recipients of the title Friend of NWDS are acknowledged for their contribution and ongoing commitment to the development of quality outcomes for people with disabilities and the NWDS Community. ‘Friends’ champion NWDS within the community and help establish links to other organisations and community members who will be able to provide assistance to NWDS in improving the lives of people with a disability. This assistance may be in many forms; providing services, advertising our services, suggestions for improvements, linkages for people power for special events, intellectual advice on systems, networking, brokering deals, highlighting people with disabilities in campaigns, sponsoring equipment purchases or events or any other individual skills that can be used to develop quality outcomes for people with a disability and those that assist them in their endeavours.

Friends of NWDS are the linkage keys and external drivers that create connections, initiate innovations and build the support structures that people with disabilities so deservedly need.’ 


Friends of NWDS and Certificate recipient, Richard Gremmo 


Friends of NWDS, Castle Hill RSL

Certificate recipient David Elliott of Castle Hill RSL

Friends of NWDS, Gremmo Homes

Certifiate recipient David, Richard, Michael and Andrew - Gremmo Homes

Friend of NWDS, John Giorgiutti

Certificate recipient John Giorgiutti

Friends of NWDS, "North Richmond Community Bank" (Bendigo Bank)

Certificate recipient North Richmond Bendigo Community Bank

Friends of NWDS, United Way

Certificate recipient Ross Liddle

Friends of NWDS, "Lions Club of Baulkham Hills"

Certificate recipient Lions Club of Baulkham Hills

Friend of NWDS, Andrew Sloan

Out first recipient October 2010 - Andrew Sloan

Friends of NWDS, "Rotary Club of Winston Hills"

Certificate recipient Rotary Club of Winston Hills

Glenn Barker

Friend of NWDS, Glenn Barker of Barker Ryan Stewart

Friend of NWDS, Soroptimists International of the Hills District

Certificate recipient Soroptimists

Friend of NWDS, John & Lila Bacha of Basha's Smash Repair

Certificate recipient John and Lila Bacha

Paul Robinson

Friends of NWDS, Rotary Club, Castle Hill

Certificate recipient Paul Robinson

Maitland Bartwell

Friend of NWDS, Westpac Bank, Hills Region

Certificate recipient Maitland Bardwell


Friend of NWDS, 2CCR

Certificate recipient Chairman Tony Jenkins


Friends of NWDS, Workplace Safety Matters

Certificate recipient David & Vicki Cass

Justin Dowd 

Friends of NWDS, The Law Society of NSW

Certificate recipient Justin Dowd

Rotary Club of Rouse Hill

Friends of NWDS, Rotary Club of Rouse Hill

Certificate recipient Peter Casey


Friends of NWDS, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury

Certificate recipient Prof. Roy Tasker

Jesse Chowdhury

Friend of NWDS, Dr Jesse Chowdhury