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Funds Management

NWDS are keen to provide Funds Management and Coordination support. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

NDIS has created a conceise and easy to read fact sheet explaining the 4 different management plans click on the link below

NDIS Funds Management Facts Sheet

What is a registered plan management provider?

A registered plan management provider is a term used to describe an individual or organisation that undertakes the management of funds of the supports in a participant’s plan.

A participant may request consideration of the use of a registered plan management provider to manage some or all of the funding for supports in their plan.

A registered plan management provider might undertake financial intermediary activities, or financial and service intermediary activities. It is expected that the registered plan management provider will assist participants in increasing their skills in these activities.

Financial intermediary activities include such things as the organising of providers and their payment, the processing of expense claims, the development of monthly statements for participants, and claiming from the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Service intermediary activities involve a range of activities to assist the participant in negotiating and coordinating the provision of support. This could include sourcing providers, negotiating method and timing of delivery of supports and negotiating individual requirements as part of the support management.

If a registered plan management provider is also a provider of other supports received by the participant, then the registered plan management provider will need to have mechanisms in place for dealing with any conflicts of interest that might arise. These mechanisms would normally involve both policies and administrative procedures.

Registered plan management providers will be able to register using the Application Form for the Registration of Providers. For more information, see Registering as a Provider for the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Further information regarding determining suitability of a registered plan management provider will soon be available on the website.

Options for plan management

Participants will be able to choose their provider and manage arrangements such as the timing and frequency of service delivery with their provider. Participants can choose how to manage their funding consistent with their plan. Funding can be managed by:

  1. the individual
  2. a plan ‘nominee’
  3. a registered plan management provider or
  4. the National Disability Insurance Agency.

The type of management of the funding for supports that a participant chooses will vary depending on their circumstances. Different options can be chosen for different supports. Plans may have a combination of the options as shown.

The diagram consists of three overlapping circles that represent the three ways the National Disability Insurance Agency participant plan may be managed. Each of the three plan management approaches intersect the other two circles in equal measure

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Self-managing budgets in your NDIS plan

In your discussion with your planner you will have talked about whether you would like to self-manage the support budgets in your plan.

Self-management means you are responsible for paying the invoices related to the supports you have received through your NDIS plan. You will then be reimbursed for these expenses, with the money deposited into your NDIS bank account. Self-managing your plan may also allow you to directly employ your own staff, or pay someone else to employ them on your behalf.

Self-managing support budgets in your plan means that you will be responsible for:

  • choosing and arranging your own supports
  • making payments to your chosen providers (on time)
  • keeping records and receipts for services provided, claimed and paid
  • reporting to the NDIA on the budgets spent on items in your NDIS plan.

Note: this information also applies to nominees and persons representing a participant who is a child.

For comprehensive information about self-managing, read the Module 2 document available for download on this page and Directly engaging your own staff.

Module 2 gives information about self-managing budgets in your plan, including:

  • setting up a bank account
  • purchasing goods and services
  • accessing funds in your NDIS budget
  • claiming payments from the NDIA
  • paying support staff.

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