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World Kindness Card

 Sanctuary For Hair   First World Kindness card sold

A huge thank you to the team at Sanctuary For Hair, Castle Hill, for supporting North West Disability Services, Table of 8 Kindness Cards, in the lead up to 'Do Something Day', 15 June.

The NWDS  Kindness cards launched on Monday 20th June at the June Table of 8 dinner party, held at Conie Avenue. This exciting partnership with the World Kindness Movement provides opportunities for everyone to help spread the word about kindness.

World Kindness’ major goal is to generate a greater sense of friendliness in the community through the medium of simple acts of kindness. When this is achieved, people will experience higher levels of caring and safety in the community. NWDS is proud to be associated as a Goodwill Ambassador, spreading the word thru our local community.

The kindness cards are a  journey of Kindness collecting miles and smiles... Give a kindness card to someone and tell us why. The Kindness Card will collect a diary of its journey collecting miles and smiles. Make sure you explain to the lucky recipient that they can see their good deed online that night and ask them to do the same, and pay it forward.

Table of 8 World Kindness cards are available now for purchase at $5.00 per card.  Contact Lisa for more details on or 9686 4155