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Table of 8 - May 2016

On Monday evening our May Table of 8 took place at Conie Avenue. This month we invited Pizza Event to come along and cook Wood Fire pizzas on our premises and everyone enjoyed eating margherita, pepperoni and vegetarian pizzas outdoors, under the stars, whilst watching Iron Man on a huge outdoor movie screen. This month’s Table of 8 is a little different to our usual evenings, but a popular night, this is the third year we have enjoyed Pizza Event coming along and setting up their pizza oven on our basketball court. Thanks to Tim who chose our movie Iron Man this time, and to all the wonderful volunteers who helped out during the night, serving pizzas and drinks.

Next month sees Table of 8 launch our NWDS World Kindness Cards. Come along and join us for this special event, as we recognise the special things people do in our worlds to make them a wonderful place! June Table of 8 Monday 20th June 2016.

Iron man            Scrren 2