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Successful artists for 2016

This year’s Castle Hill show was a very successful year for our participants who put craft, artworks and cooking into exhibition.

The Art group from Aberdoon House attended the Castle Hill Show on the 4th March. This year Megan and Elizabeth exhibited their photography and Tim his Adelaide artwork. We had some fabulous outcomes in awards to Kiki for Grand Champion Ribbon and 1st place for her beaded artwork. Marianne won 1st in show for Cleopatra, Marisa 2nd for her” Eye of the Sky” artwork. Aberdoon Houses Noppy’s Coffee Shop choc chip cookies won 3rd prize. What a great opportunity for our clients to connect with their community in a valuable way whilst fulfilling their passions and their goals, a huge well done.


artist_success_2016-001      artist_success_2016-002

  Marisa Woods 2nd Place Ribbon                                                                        Kiki Grigoriadis 1st Place Ribbon and Grand Champion Ribbon


artist_success_2016-003     artist_success_2016-004

Farima with the award winning Noppy’s café                                                 Marianne 1st Place Ribbon