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2016 Biggest Morning Tea

On 26th May 2016 North West Disability Services hosted the Biggest Morning Tea and cooked a ‘big breakfast’, to raise money for the Cancer Council.

This breakfast was hosted by the Scrapbooking and Photography program and the Cartoon & Comic Development program.

Eggs, sausages and hash browns were donated from numerous generous staff throughout the organisation, 5Kg of Bacon was sourced by Marianne Edington - Sheather and Donated by Zammitt Smallgoods. Cam Van Duong contacted Becca Bakery in Dundas who was generous enough to donate many loaves of bread and bread rolls for the event.

Cooking started at 8am with the wonderful smell of bacon and sausages being cooked on the BBQ, hash browns in the oven, eggs being scrambled in frying pans, toast cooking away and the smell of coffee through the building.

All cooking was done by Ian Bromley on the BBQ, Kim Devlin, Sandya Adikari, Karina Williams and one of our volunteers Jason Napier, with Marianne Edington- Sheather in charge of coffee. All food was served up by the involved staff and participants from the Scrapbooking and Photography program and the Cartoon Development program.

We raised a total of $150 for the Cancer Council.