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Outback Adventure Camps


NWDS outback adventure camps run all throughout the year travellingto various destinations offering a wide range of activities andadventures. NWDS short holidays and camps cater for all individual needsand provide a wonderful opportunity to explore our country with a groupof friends.

Here at NWDS we offer a world of opportunities for young people with adisability to enjoy awesome activities, explore the great outdoors,build a healthy lifestyle, and learn all about their community andbeyond. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing time away expressingyourself through dance, art and song; or you want to learn new skillsand make great new friends; we’ve got something for you!

Come with us to the Gold Coast, where we visit the fun parks and goon the biggest rides, come build a snowman when we visit the snow ormaybe a scenic trip around parts of Tasmania is more your thing,whatever you prefer NWDS has it covered; fun, independent life skills,adventure, relaxation exploration and smiley faces. See you on our nextadventure!!!!!!!!!

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