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NDIS Carers Huddle Session

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Getting ready to meet the NDIS planner?

Why is planning important?

We have learned from the NDIS trial sites that having a plan ready will increase the likelihood of:-

  • Having a more positive experience with the NDIS planner,
  • Having a quality person centered plan
  • Getting the support you want / need.

This course of 6 workshops can help you get there.

We are inviting individuals with disability / mental health, their family members and their supporters to participate in the Pathways to Opportunities course.

The Pathways to Opportunities course is an interactive program that brings people together regularly over 3 months. Participants will experience a hands-on approach to developing a Person Centered Lifestyle Plan for themselves or their family member experiencing disability. In between sessions participants will be able to complete actions to implement the plan, share what they have learned with others that know and care about the person and gather further learning.

Workshops are facilitated by family members with experience in Person Centered Planning and Self-Directing supports, as well as experienced professionals from the disability / mental health industry.

FREE WORKSHOPS: The series of workshops will cover these topics:

  • Changes in the funding system
  • What makes a good life?
  • Circles of support and strengthening relationships
  • Identifying people's gifts and strengths
  • Developing a vision for the future
  • Understanding Communication and Decision Making
  • What's important to the person and describing what is needed to stay safe
  • What's working and not working in the person's life right now
  • Developing goals and an action plan that leads to a positive future
  • Finding an linking in community
  • What is takes to self-manage / direct supports
  • Planning around life areas for the NDIS