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What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will become effective in our area in July 2016 and currently funded individuals will transition over to an individualised NDIS plan and packages of support slowly from that date. We are conducting “Carer Huddles” to assist with information about the NDIS and there are numerous opportunities for families to gain information about the scheme.

Follow the following link to NDIS NSW for more information………...


Do I need funding to use NWDS?

No. There are many ways to access activities and supports with our organisation and we are happy to meet with you to discuss them. Although the majority of people who come to NWDS have funding packages, others directly purchase supports and some access funded programs.


Can I purchase extra supports from NWDS?

Yes. There is always the opportunity to purchase whatever you need from NWDS.


Can NWDS employ my own Support worker?

Yes. Contact us to discuss this opportunity. We would also offer the opportunity for increased skill development if required.


Can NWDS help me to find a support worker?

Yes. We can assist you to select the most suitable worker for your requirements.


What forms do I need to complete?

You will need to complete the NWDS Service Agreement and Participant Support Plan.


How soon can I start?

We can often have supports up and running very quickly once you decide on the activities and supports you require and we are able to fully brief the staff person you will be working with.


Can NWDS assist me to apply for NDIS and plan my personal activities?

Yes. We can assist in every way to support you to apply for an NDIS package and then select suitable supports and activities. We can often make those more cost effective for you also.


Can NWDS assist me to connect with an accommodation option and other families looking for this?

Yes. NWDS has an innovative accommodation approach and we have many families currently working toward developing the most suitable accommodation option for their family members.


Can NWDS assist me to manage my funds?

Yes. We have extensive case management experience and can support with holding funds or in support with fund management.