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NWDS - Conie Ave

“Thanks to NWDS for all the wonderful programs and support you provide. It makes a world of difference to Marisa's life and wellbeing. I can't believe it's already been five years. She has made friends with the other service users, some very close. She has enjoyed so many new experiences and learnt to respect, appreciate and even befriended many staff members.” - V.W.

“James has always enjoyed Zumba on Thursdays, but prefers to sit and participate.  Recently when the facilitator was away, James stood up and provided the actions for everyone. I was so proud of him, taking on a leadership role, and thank the staff for empowering him to do this.” - S.B.

“The Conie Ave staff know Elianne really well and she is always so well cared for. Elianne loves it when the African Drumming is happening out the front when we arrive in the morning.   Thank you for arranging that so often for her. You guys are the best!” - M.E.


NWDS Carers’ Huddles

"Thank you very much for the Huddle. This was my first attendance. I received a lot of information regarding NDIS and appreciate all the work you do. Looking forward to the next Huddle PS: enjoyed the cuppa and cake". - R.D.

“Thanks so much for keeping me informed of this.  I would appreciate hearing about any other meetings as they are all really helpful. I'm on track now to learn as much as I can.  The meeting was really informative and although NDIS seems so overwhelming to me, I feel that I've stepped into a little bit of understanding.” - L.G.


Aberdoon House

9/2/22 "Patty and myself have been lucky enough to become part of the NWDS Family- we thank all the wonderful staff for their help and kindness they show to our grandson Patrick and we look forward to a longer and happier relationship with NWDS." PO'K and P O'K.

“I am impressed with the team that works at Aberdoon House. They work as a cohesive team and get along well. The attributes/personalities are pleasant, patient and connect and engage well with Noelle and the other participants. They are always working towards continual improvement, always moving forward.  I am also impressed with the interaction and behaviour support with Noelle and participants, which allows for self-management and regulation. The staff are open to conversation and give time to Carers which is important to me.  I say a BIG THANKYOU.” - A.G.

“I am very happy with the service Nicole receives and know Nicole is very happy at Aberdoon. Nicole particularly likes that she has her own art space where she is allowed to paint, which is her passion. She has really developed in communication and her self-esteem, which can be attributed to Nicole’s ability to express through her artwork. She loves doing commission pieces, which keeps her busy and also doing pieces for Access2Art and the Royal Easter Show. Nicole is proud that she has exhibited and sold artworks at the Royal Easter Show and enjoys getting commission from her sale of artworks.” - J.W.

Gemhill Cottage

“Anthony enjoyed his first stay at Gemhill last week. I am delighted that Anthony is now eating 2 pieces of fruit each day. I would like Anthony to stay at Gemhill again in the near future.” - O.Z.

 “I would like to thank you and the staff for all the assistance given when Tim was unwell. The Gemhill staff are very caring and communicate with me on a regular basis.” - C.T.



“Chris picked up Marisa's artwork today. It's just beautiful! Very graceful and lovely. Thanks again for all the wonderful work and support you provide to her and others in Access2Art." - V.W.


Opal Cottage

“We appreciate the support and care given to our daughter by Opal Cottage, especially through difficult times.” - P. & G.S.

“The Opal Cottage staff do a wonderful job for all the participants.” - E.S.

Secret Garden

“The Secret Garden is a place which enriches your life! I volunteer doing something I like with like-minded people and take with me the joy of the place. It is peaceful, yet exciting at the same time.” - J.W.


 "The Secret garden and nursery always has something different for you to do each day, they give clear instructions and are very helpful. The work environment is also safe and pleasant to work in, making it easier to complete my task". Student E.C.


Hadpac Saturday Group

“We wanted to let you know that Phil and Colleen had a great time at Hadpac last Saturday.  When Karen picked them up in the afternoon, it became quickly obvious that Phil was a changed man!  He enthusiastically relayed to Karen the day’s events, and kept the verbal communication up all the way home; he spoke more in that 30 minutes than he probably has in the 8 weeks or so he has been here! Well almost.  Phil and Col joined us that evening for dinner with some of our friends present, and Phil kept contributing to the conversation all night. Col too had such a great time at Hadpac, she now wants to become a ‘life member’ of Hadpac immediately!” - K. & T. De S


Table of Eight Dinner Party

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks. Andrew had a wonderful time at the Table of Eight Dinner. This is a huge achievement for him, and I am so pleased that he wants to come to the next ones.” - A.B.

“Thank you to everyone involved in our Carers Table of Eight Dinner, it was enjoyable chatting to parents, eating and listening to some really good music.  We walked into the room and it felt like a big hug.....  I was so touched that it was done on a voluntary basis and we all felt special.  How can one thank you enough for caring for our families......” - A.L.

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and your wonderful team for the Carers Table of Eight Dinner last night. It was very special and you had gone to so much trouble. I was blown away with all the lovely touches, the tablecloths, flowers, candles, wine and music. The meal was absolutely delicious too. Thanks again.” - L.C.

"Thanks to you and all the staff who make these wonderful evenings possible.  My daughter always loves them". - V.W.


Tuesday Night Men’s Group

“A big congratulations for the revised Tuesday Night Men’s Group. The program looks varied and balanced and has lots of new activities that will maintain the interest of the group.” - A.H.


Carols in the Garden

“We had a wonderful time tonight singing at your Carols in the Garden. Thank you for the pens, that was very generous. All in all, a great night.” - M.O.



"Holly and Chris have had a wonderful time this year and would both love to continue next year".  - E.B.

"She is a happy 'vegemite' up there today. So good to see her relaxed and happy, still a dream that she is riding twice a week....". - A.L.

 NWDS Staff

 "I have found the selection process to be quite through. I can appreciate + value this process knowing that you carefully select staff members who are looking after some very vulnerable adults in our community, who's care & well-being depend highly on the person caring for them".

"Throughout this process I have gained peace of mind + confidence that if my daughter Janelle attends here next year that she will be taken care of + her needs will be met."

"This brings me great comfort + knowing she will be in good hands. As a parent who has a child with mild intellectual disability, I thank you." - JL


“From the first day of interviews, we were greeted warmly and have explained our position in NWDS. There we completed modules, which at first felt a bit overwhelming, but bit by bit and the guidance we learnt competencies and pathways that will help us in our work relationship with service users to better their education and skill set.” – TB

“My experience with orientation was over whelming at first, there was so much information being thrown at me and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to remember it all. Staff reassured me after that, it was the same for them and we would go over it a lot.”

“My second day was easier, things started to tie together and I was beginning to recognise and remember facts. My third day has been much easier, after doing my competencies I feel more confident.” - EH


"NWDS is a great organisation. My three day training was a new adventure and challenge to me.  Learned a lot in this session and the staff was very help full."

"NWDS taught a lot of new things I can apply on my next journey of life; I would like to thank CEO itself for organising this to the organisation."

"I am very happy to treasure my experience of training happened, either I get the job or not I appreciate all the things I learned in this organisation and would like to say thank you to CEO and all staff". - ND


"I would like you to know that,  I appreciate the quality and training process done for us over the past three days of training. It has been useful to be able to obtain important information about the NWDS. Thankyou for bringing amazing, talented staff for the training specially Kancho Deena Naidu." - MS

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