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NWDS has a diverse a capable team of staff who have over 300 different interests and talents and who could be just the link staff person to assist you to build interests and participation in your goal and passion areas. Ensuring you achieve staffing of your choice is our responsibility and the staff who we call "Lifestyle Partners" will  help you to achieve your goals and make it fun in the process.

Tell us the age, sex, interest areas and skills you are looking for in a "Lifestyle Partner" and we will advertise and connect you with just the right person.   You are welcome to talk to us and change the staff person until they find the staff with whom they have the best rapport and feel will be able to assist them in turning their dreams into reality.

 If you have a staff person who worked successfully with you previously, we can employ that staff and they can continue to work with you and ensure they are covered with their training needs. Also if you finds someone in the community that has the personality and needed skills, NWDS can employ them and provide them with all the necessary training and safety screening.

Contact us on (02) 9686 4155


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