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Healthy Life Club

Healthy Life Club is a great opportunity for people to come together to express shared experiences on life and build on current knowledge to further enhance their skills to promote a healthy and happy life. By applying a holistic approach to better enhance the mind, body and spirit, this empowers participants to achieve their goals, whether it is health related, fitness or skill focused. The sessions will combine theory information and practical tasks, discussing a wide range of topics, including the 5 food groups and how people can best fuel their bodies for good nutrition, whilst maintaining great health & well-being.  Together with physical education and relaxation techniques, relationship building, managing finances (budgeting), danger awareness, and problem solving skills, the Healthy Life Club is a must for anyone with a commitment to improving their lifestyle.

Theory sessions include PowerPoint presentations on personal hygiene, crisis management strategies and environmental issues within the home and wider community. Participants are also given the opportunity to take part in community contributions, engaging in activities within the local community.

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