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Healthy Cooking


Our Healthy Cooking ventures are a great way for individuals to get into the kitchen and get creative! There you will learn how to cook amazing healthy meals, work independently whilst being part of a team. These sessions will include meal planning, budgeting, shopping, developing kitchen hygiene requirements and literacy skills.  Being a part of the team you will have the opportunity to focus on current skills and further develop new ones. Also focusing on building confidence and self-esteem to try new things and make new friends.

Participants will learn how to cook 24 different meals over the course of six months, take the recipes home and impress those at home with your new cooking skills.

Presentation and food handling requirements will also be covered during these sessions. Our Healthy Cooking programs are available at Aberdoon House, Rouse Hill. Conie Avenue and Lavender Cottage, Baulkham Hills and Opal Cottage, Richmond.