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Your Requests or Ideas

The activities and supports provided by NWDS are many and varied. The range is decided by our participants and we are constantly updating activities to provide different and new experiences in response to requests from our participants.  We are only limited by our ability to provide a safe and positive opportunity. If our skills do not match the expertise or risk level of the activity we will source an external organisation with the skills to safety provide the activity. We are always bringing new staff to our team and often that special person comes along when we need them, so let us know what you want to achieve and we will do our utmost to make that happen for you.

Individual Activities

When participants select a Lifestyle Assistant or Partner from the NWDS staffing team they look for a staff person who has interests and talents that are similar to what they are trying to achieve and who they can make a personal connection with. The participant then self directs the activities and community engagements that assist them to work toward achieving their goals and aspiration.

Group Activities

Our current range of Group Activities are many and varied. If you have something that you would like to participate in that we are currently not listing please talk to us about it. Often we can bring together a group of people who are also keen to undertake that activity and we can make your new choice of Group Activity happen for you. Keep us informed and provide us with those new aspirations and goals and we can work with you to create a new and exciting opportunity and also connect you to others with similar interests. Life is so much more fun when you share it with others with similar interests. 

Special Events

There are so many great events happening in the community all the time. If you know of something happening that we are currently not listing as a special event we are going to, then please let us know and we can work toward making that Event one of our activities of choice. If you wish to have a Lifestyle Assistant or Partner attend an event with you then contact us to arrange support.

Short Holidays and Trips

We currently have a range of holiday options and we visit many new and exciting places every year.  If there is somewhere you would like to go then please let us know as we might be able to offer it as a group activity in the future. If it is somewhere you would like to go alone then we are happy to provide a Lifestyle Assistant or Partner to travel with you. This is also available for family weddings, parties and functions you wish to attend with a level of support. Contact us, we will look forward to the opportunity to assist you.