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Increased social and community participation

All individuals need to have an adequate, sustainable, level of social inclusion in order to thrive. It was found by the Productivity Commission that people with disabilities often have a lower level of social inclusion than other individuals as they may not have the means of engagement in the community. However, community participation of people with disabilities leads to improved well being outcomes, increases the understanding of the general public about disability, which in turn means that infrastructure to support people with a disability is further developed.

Look for more information about Why is community participation important? from the NDIS website.

When undertaking your planning with NDIS ensure you have included the important opportunities you already have for social inclusion. Your goals need to be developed around your opportunities to access the many and varied community activities that include social, sport, volunteering, leisure, craft, shopping and  events that you enjoy participating in and need support to access.

To achieve those goals and enjoy a full and happy life we suggest you look at the many and varied Events and Activities offered by NWDS on the link below

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