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Improved health and wellbeing

Ensuring our health and well being always starts with healthy eating and gaining sufficient exercise to make you fit and able to sustain the activities of life. If this is a goal you have under NDIS then it will be important to ensure you can participate in a range of opportunities to keep you fit and well.  NWDS have many activities that will get you eating well and build your knowledge of healthy eating while also engage you in activity that will challenge you to exercise more. It is not hard work at all and you will have fun with the group of people who are also interested in looking after themselves in many ways.

We also cater for the emotional side of life by building friendships and getting you engaged in community contributions that not only get you out and about but give you a sense of satisfaction to know you have given something to other people that will make their life a little better also.

Follow the link below to all our Health and Well Being activities that I know you will love.

Health and well being