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Finding and keeping a job

 To achieve the goal of Finding and Achieving Employment it will be important to explore the many transition to employment opportunities available. There are Open Employment and Support Employment options available to people with many organisations in the community. With a NDIS planning package focusing on employment you may be interested in the Work Sills and Enclaves NWDS are offering below.


At work

Work is such an important part of our lives that we believe everybody should be given the opportunity to contribute to our society through work. We provide support for people to transition to employment and have many success stories when people have started with work experience then eventually made their way through to being employed. Tell our team about the type of work you would like to do and we can either find the opportunities for you in the community to undertake that as a work experience option.  Our team can also provide support with resume preparation and employment applications if you are still exploring options. Supported employment is always available and a great transitional step to open employment for many.

Enclaves as work Options

Our team at NWDS have developed a wide range of supported work options where participants may explore what they would like to do and if they prove successful and engaged with that as a work option then there is always the chance to Franchise a person into their employment of choice and then NWDS can continue to provide supports as required.Enquire with us on for more information.