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Assistive technology

In this current day and age, the development of increased technology means that people with physical disabilities have the means to perform tasks that they could not previously achieve on their own. This allows people with disabilities to achieve greater potential in the various sectors of their life (home, community and workplace). One of the greater prerogatives of the NDIS is to ensure that people with a physical disability have the means to access appropriate assistive technology to enable them to live more independent lives of community inclusion.

The various priorities of the NDIS Assistive Technology strategy are as follows:

  • Support and stimulate a vibrant and innovative supply-side market by providing a conduit for innovation and promoting the take up of technology solutions
  • Support and stimulate informed, active, participant-led demand by empowering participants to choose technology that best supports their needs
  • Deliver a financially robust, sustainable scheme that generates economic and social value with the Agency only intervening to optimise outcomes for participants and economic value for the scheme.

In essence this means that the innovation of technology solutions for people with disabilities is going to be built around disability needs, and new technologies and innovations are going to be developed. More effective means of providing information on what's available to people with disabilities will be developed, and the means by which people can choose their own technology is going to be reviewed, to put the emphasis on participant choice and control. There will be an initiative into the expansion of technology, in order to bring the best value and best quality to people with disabilities.

The ways in which NWDS can assist are to match people with disabilities with different providers of assistive technology as these technologies are developed. Currently we have links with various organisations and we would be happy to facilitate and support referral. These organisations may assist you to purchase such technology.

Follow this link to the NDIS website to provide a link to the types of assistive technology you may apply for.