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Assistance with Daily life at home in the community, education and at work

A range of activities, training, and supports are available to assist  individuals to gain greater levels of independence whilst living at home and in the community. To ensure this as a NDIS goal is focused on and achieved we would suggest that you consider the following training and support activities that are provided for this level of assistance:

Assistance with Daily life at home

Lifestyle Assistance and Partners are available to support participants at home, where you may live with family, independently or in a supported accommodation home with others. Your selection of a staff person will provide the ideal way to link with a person with similar interests and beliefs. Clearly explaining the goals  and planning together the best way to achieve those goals will ensure you achieve as much as possible. Ideas may change along the way and many new goals may develop as you work through what is important to you. Tell us what you would like your Lifestyle Assistant or Partner to help you with and we will link you up with a great person to work with you.

Assistance with Daily Life in the Community

Again the Lifestyle Assistant or Partner will be keen to explore the community with you and make every opportunity to introduce you to new and interesting people who you might eventuality meet independently. There are so many amazing places in the community to visit and connect with. NWDS also has an important focus on Community Contributions and we would love to introduce you to the many different was that you can have fun and enjoy contributing to your community.


If you are keen to continue your education  either at University, TAFE or in another way, we have staff who have the background skills to ensure you make the most of your education opportunity. We have awards yearly for those who have completed education and often staff are also studying and would welcome the chance to talk about all the helpful hints that make study such an enjoyable experience. We love the chance to assist people to better themselves through continued education.

At work

Work is such an important part of our lives that we believe everybody should be given the opportunity to contribute to our society through work. We provide support for people to transition to employment and have many success stories when people have gained employment through work experience. Tell our team about the type of work you would like to do and we can either find opportunities for you in the community to undertake as a work experience option.  Our team can also provide support with resume preparation and help with employment applications if you are still exploring options. Supported employment is always available and a great transitional step to open employment for many.

Enclaves as work Options

Our team at NWDS have developed a wide range of supported work options where participants may explore what they would like to do and if they prove successful can be engaged with that as a work option. There is always the opportunity ce to Franchise a person into their employment of choice and then NWDS can continue to provide supports as required.