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Transport Options to Activities

Getting to and from activities can be difficult at times so please talk to us about how we might assist in some way;

Travel Training

Travel Training is always available and our staff are experienced with developing the independence required to ensure a person can safely and effectively travel about the community.

Individual transport to activities

 Where a person needs to access an activity, NWDS has the staff and vehicles to provide safe and effective transport to and from the activity. This can be done on an individual basis or as a part of a group.


Group Activity Transport

Transport of a participant from home to the place of there chosen activity may be available on a group or individual basis. Please contact us to confirm if we are able to provide this level of support and the cost impacts.

Shared Transport Arrangements with other Families

Often people are traveling in the same direction as other family members. If you require transport we may be able to link you with another participant to share the travel with.