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Current Weekly Group Activities

Our current range of Group Activities are many and varied. If you havesomething that you would like to participate in that we are currentlynot listing please talk to us about it. Often we can bring together agroup of people who are also keen to undertake that activity and we canmake your new choice of Group Activity happen for you. Keep us informedand provide us with those new aspirations and goals and we can work withyou to create a new and exciting opportunity and also connect you toothers with similar interests. Life is so much more fun when you shareit with others with similar interests.


Current Group Activities

Exploring Sydney

This is an amazing opportunity to explore our Wonderful City of Sydney!  Each week you will be a part of the decision making on where you will travel to and be able to share your experiences with family and friends. Read more...

Healthy Life Club 

Healthy Life Club is a great opportunity for people to come together toexpress shared experiences on life and build on current knowledge tofurther enhance their skills to promote a healthy and happy life.


Ten Pin Bowling is a fun and exciting game where individuals have the opportunity to meet new people and participate in a competitive game in a safe environment. Read More...


Art by Nature has been designed to give opportunity for participantsto enjoy nature through art by drawing, sketching and painting.Read more...

Art Workshop Day

Art Workshop has been designed to provide opportunities to extend theskills of those who have been identified with artistic talent. Read more...

Card Making

The Card Making program is designed as a craft based activity with sensory benefits. Read more...


Photography and Nature walk was developed forparticipants who may like to develop a new hobby or develop skills inphotography. Read here for more information.


 Pottery at Aberdoon was designed to provide opportunities to participate in producing pottery that will be created by use of a variety of media and tools. Read more..

Process Art

Aberdoon House is a wonderful creative environment that offers agreat space to explore through different art and craft processes. ReadMore
here on Process Art

Cafe Aberdoon

 At Aberdoon House on Wednesdays Noppy’s café is open for morning tea to the public. Read more...


Fancy a quick dip? Your body and mind will thank you for it! Swimminghas a range of health benefits and NWDS’ Swimming Program makes sureevery one of them is covered. Swimming can improve your physical health,your strength and endurance as well as your gross motor skills andcoordination. Read More...

NWDS Tennis Team

Whether you are bringing your Ace Serve or learning to return a ball,NWDS Tennis Team is the right choice for you. Tennis has been describedas the sport of a life time and provides a range of different healthbenefits, such as improving physical fitness, increasing gross motorskills and improving muscle tone. Read More...


Participants who would like to engage in some gentle Yoga as part oftheir week don’t need to look any further. Yoga provides the opportunityfor you to work on your flexibility, stamina and core strength all atyour own pace. Read More...


In this activity participants will learn about different ways to getfit and healthy, build core strength, and body toning through Zumbadance moves and aerobics. African Drumming will give participants theopportunity to learn the skills of drumming, rhythm and hand -eyecoordination. Read More..

Newspaper Run

This activity offers participants a great opportunity to gain an understanding of the tasks involved in completing a paper run from folding, packing, loading/unloading to delivering the papers to local community households. Read more...

Photography and Nature Walk at Aberdoon

Photography and Nature walk was developed for participants who may like to develop a new hobby or develop skills in photography. Read More...

Riverside Theatres

This is an amazing opportunity for individuals with a disability to join the Riverside Theatre workshops and be trained by professional arts workers to build confidence, meet new people and be a part of a team who will perform at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta at the end of year concert! Read More...

Healthy Cooking

Our Healthy Cooking ventures are a great way for individuals to get into the kitchen and get creative! There you will learn how to cook amazing healthy meals, work independently whilst being part of a team. Read More...

Garage Band

This Program runs at Conie Avenue on Mondays, with our very own ‘Music Man’ Mark Hellmrich. Found interesting? Read more...


This new experience was created to meet the sensory needs of individuals in a relaxed, calm environment. Read more...

The Welcome Wagon

This activities main objective is to ensure new participants have a smooth transition to adult services, by allowing them time and opportunity to engage in a range of activities, explore both the NWDS and local community, increase their social skills and friendship building opportunities. Read more...

Transition to work

What are the aims of a Transition to Work Program?

To focus on developing and supportingpre-vocational and work readiness skills, while acquiring work andsocial skills to build confidence.

Aimed at individuals to assist the transition to either supported or open employment, or vocational or higher education.

Transition to Work Objectives:

  • Work Readiness, including work skills, resume building, presentation and interview skills 
  • Certificate 1 in work readiness training
  • Travel Training
  • Assistance and enrolment into suitable Vocational & Educational Training
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Money Management Skills
  • Self Advocacy Skills 
  • Independent Living Skills development

 Read More..

To register for a Group Activity

Contact us at:

Baulkham Hills, New South Wales 2153
T  (02) 9686 4155
F  (02) 9686 4144 (All enquiries will be answered during the business hours, Mon-Fri)