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Case Management Co-ordination & Person Centred Planning

NWDS Case Management

NWDS's highly experienced case management services aim to assist people with disabilities to become more independent and active in community life. Case managers establish a positive and respectful relationship with the participant, and their support network, such as family members, they assist the participant to identify, access and organise the supports they need to achieve their goals.

Case management involves a person-directed planning process. Supports provided through NWDS case management are based on the individual needs of the participant, their families and carers.


Support Planning


The planning process

Once you have been told that you are able to participate in the NDIS, you can start the planning and assessment process. This will help to determine the informal, community and mainstream services and any reasonable and necessary supports you need to achieve your goals.

The planning and assessment process is focused on you as the participant. It is the start of a lifelong relationship between you and the NDIS. It uses goal-based planning to consider your strengths. It also aims to maximise your choices and independence.

To start you on the planning process, the Getting Plan Ready form should be completed prior to your initial planning appointment. This is your Adult or Children's Participant Statement and it will help you to identify your needs, goals and current supports. This information is then taken into account in your planning conversation.

Working out your existing supports, as well as your support needs, is an important part of the planning and assessment process. It ensures that any risks to your participation in the NDIS are addressed and that any additional kinds of support you need are identified.

You are able to have a support person with you during appointments, such as a family member, friend, carer or support worker. The needs, strengths and capacities of your carers are also considered as part of the planning and assessment process.

For more information on preparing your Participant Statement, come along to NWDS Carer's Huddle, see the the link below;

NDIS plans and the planning process

Hear from a planner and participants as they walk you through the planning process and share their personal stories. see link below;


Service Coordination

NWDS trained and experienced staff can help you access services that will help develop your skills, achieve your goals and live your life to its maximum potential.

We will

  • Assist you to get the supports in your plan started

  • Work with you ensure that you are effectively linked in to funded services

  • Work with you to find mainstream services such as employment and education

  • Work with you to develop skills and resilience

  • Build your skills and increase your capacity

  • Work with you to achieve outcomes

  • Assist in working towards the goals and aspirations that you have identified in your plan

  • Assistance to monitor your supports and ensure you are getting the most out of your plan

  • Respond to crisis

  • Parent and carer training

Person Centred Plan

NWDS can assist you with developing a Lifestyle Plan to meet your individual needs and goals by working with you and those close to you to develop a PCP.  

Person-centred planning (PCP) is a set of approaches designed to assist someone to plan their life and supports. It is used most often as a life planning model to enable individuals with disabilities or otherwise requiring support to increase their personal self-determination and improve their own independence.

The key areas areas for consideration in person centred planning are;

Who are the important people in a person’s life?

What are the person’s strengths (or gifts)?

What is important to the person now and in the future (their dreams)?

What kinds of support will the person need to achieve in the future they want?

What do we need to do?