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Vocational Opportunities/TTW

Cafe Aberdoon

At Aberdoon House on Wednesdays Noppy’s café is open for morning tea to the public. Read more...

Recycling Project

 Recycling can

The recycling Project at the New Secret Garden will undertake to look at a wide range of Recycling Options and engage People with a Disability in the process of recycling or re birthing many products that would otherwise go to landfill. The opportunity to explore the way items can be recycled will provide labour intensive work options and spread the already diverse practices at the New Secret Garden where sustainability is a key element. The capacity to demonstrate what is possible to others in the community will also be a driving force as often people do not have the resources or awareness of what they can achieve with minimal effort. We are keen to work with other members of the community who also have an interest in achieving more sustainable practices and we already have crews and teams of people with a disability keen to engage with their local community to help to make this happen”.


Lawn moving

coming soon.....

Urban agricultural task force

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Transition to work

What are the aims of a Transition to Work Program?

To focus on developing and supporting pre-vocational and work readiness skills, while acquiring work and social skills to build confidence.

Aimed at individuals to assist the transition to either supported or open employment, or vocational or higher education.

Transition to Work Objectives:

  • Work Readiness, including work skills, resume building, presentation and interview skills 
  • Certificate 1 in work readiness training
  • Travel Training
  • Assistance and enrolment into suitable Vocational & Educational Training
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Money Management Skills
  • Self Advocacy Skills 
  • Independent Living Skills development


Program Focus:

In the first two months, each Transition to Work service user will have a Vocational Assessment completed with them, as well as a Transition Plan. Once the service user and our Transition to Work staff have an understanding of the service user, employment will be sought, this can also include different work experience in numerous areas before securing long term employment.


Person Centred Approach:

Each individual Transition to Work participant has their own ‘Person Centered Plan’ which identifies goals and strategies how they will be achieved. This program is offered 9.00am – 3.00pm Monday to Friday at either Baulkham Hills or Richmond (and external venues such as TAFE or work experience sites).  Additional Hours are available on an individual fee paying basis.



Applicants should be:

  • School leavers aged 18 years or older, 
  • People that live within the Baulkham Hills Shire Council or Hawkesbury Valley Council area
  • People who have an interest or goal in working, 
  • Willingness to obtain further / higher education. 



Once a suitable position has been found for the individual, they will then continue to receive support for a three month period of time, i.e. Individual one on one travel training to and from work or help with social skills within the workplace.


Transition to Work Program

Location: Conie Avenue, Baulkham Hills
Postal Address: PO Box 947, Baulkham Hills NSW 1755
Phone number: 02 9686 4155 or Fax number: 02 9686 4144