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Skill Development, Adventure Camps & Holidays


Each year there are a range of 3 day camps/ holidays offered to service users.  They offer time away and allow service users to socialise and promote independent skills while carers can enjoy some well deserved respite!

We are offering monthly opportunities for people to enjoy a few days away at a variety of different locations. These are early days of setting up these great opportunities and as such the  ‘Adventures’ are open to most people with disabilities who currently access North West Disability Services, are ambulant and require minimal support. We are currently fundraising to be able to have a ramp attached to the “Bunk House” to enable wheelchair access and to purchase a hoist to take on camps for assistance at bedtime and other requirements as necessary. So in the future we are hoping to be able to accommodate a wider range of disabilities.

Camps / Holidays 2016

Click here for more information about Outback Adventure Camps.

Costs are as follows:

3 day/2 night camp $250.00

4 day/3 night camp $375.00

5 day/4 nights camp $500.00

Costs for use of funding packages & external applicants: prices upon application.

Contact Skye Kennedy for bookings and enquiries to 9686 4155 or

We look forward to seeing you there!

Outback Adventure Camps


NWDS outback adventure camps run all throughout the year travelling to various destinations offering a wide range of activities and adventures. NWDS short holidays and camps cater for all individual needs and provide a wonderful opportunity to explore our country with a group of friends.

Here at NWDS we offer a world of opportunities for young people with a disability to enjoy awesome activities, explore the great outdoors, build a healthy lifestyle, and learn all about their community and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing time away expressing yourself through dance, art and song; or you want to learn new skills and make great new friends; we’ve got something for you!

Come with us to the Gold Coast, where we visit the fun parks and go on the biggest rides, come build a snowman when we visit the snow or maybe a scenic trip around parts of Tasmania is more your thing, whatever you prefer NWDS has it covered; fun, independent life skills, adventure, relaxation exploration and smiley faces. See you on our next adventure!!!!!!!!!

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