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Independent Living Skills

independent_living_skills000  Anyone can do it  Independent Living Skills

A journey towards independence!

Independent Living Skills provides opportunities for people to build on their existing skills thru a module based training program designed to increase skills of daily living including household tasks and community based skills such as visiting the doctor, paying rent and shopping.

Participants will work thru the workbooks, and will have their own library of modules upon completion to keep and refer back to. Activities can be modified to meet skill levels as required.

Modules include:

  • Living Independently
  • Household Rules
  • Household Chores
  • Steps to Renting
  • My Skills at Home
  • Budgeting for Bills
  • All About Food
  • Meal Planning
  • Going Shopping
  • Paying for Goods and Services
  • Setting Up House
  • Budgeting for Clothes
  • Christmas Shopping
  • Mobile Phones
  • Going to the Doctors


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The participant will be able to rate their abilities at completing skills independently including personal hygiene, household chores, finances, nutrition, social, organisational, community and leisure time.

The participant will be able to demonstrate basic chores such as ironing, sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes and dusting.