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Farm yard & Therapeutic Gardening

Farmyard Animals

Farm Yard animals are a perennial favourite with everyone, atthe New Secret Garden Richmond , we have a wonderful selection ofanimals for you to enjoy. Our fully accessible animal pens containgoats, pigs, chickens, miniature ponies, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs.And situated a short stroll away are the RDA Richmond Centre horsesSurprise, Bella, Brughal, Kitty.

Our Farm Yard Animal sessions contain opportunity to learn about the animals thru a theory based powerpoint  component,followed by the hands- on experience of interaction with the animals,feeding the animals, learning basic animal care and engaging with theanimals in their environment.

If you like animals you may also be interested in our Saddle Club and RDA Richmond Centre experiences. See our website for further details about these activities.

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Interactions with animals have been shown to decrease theperception of pain, lower blood pressure, promote care compliance, andminimize anxiety.

For children and adults with autism, studies have found that whenanimals such as dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs are present, they canexperience less anxiety.  Part of this lies in the fact that animals are non-judgmental, accept us for the way we are, and provide unconditional love.

For all of us but particularly those with anxiety or depression,animals can improve our mental well-being by reducing tension andimproving mood, as well as being loving companions.



Therapeutic Gardening

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Combine growing plants in the retail nursery with caring for farm yard animals. Learn a range of skills :

  • Horticulture
  • Safety
  • Plant propagation
  • Composting
  • Worm farming
  • Animal husbandry
  • Nursery maintenance
  • Vegetable production
  • Retail skills
  • Nature
  • Crafts
  • Plant
  • Bird identification

Exploring the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Our trained staff and helpful volunteers share their knowledge and guide participants. Programs are based on individual needs and as

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