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Activities of Choice

NWDS offers a wide variety of activity opportunities and regularly introduce new and exciting activities.  Of course you are not limited to these choices and always have the option of making suggestions for new activities and we will be able to create any activities on an individual basis or promote your idea to others so a group opportunity can be arranged if desired.

The choices are presented by location, please note that you can attend any activity, location or a mixture of locations to best suit your choices or needs.  The information contains some basic activity objectives and highlights any considerations in choosing the activity e.g. fine motor skills required; basic literacy etc. The activity cost is quoted and we are happy to discuss personal support costs as required.  If you are interested in attending any activities please contact NWDS to speak with the coordinator regarding more information and full costing. Contacts: phone: 9686 4155 or email:   

When you click on any of the 4 links below and you will be taken to a selection of activities for that location for each weekday.

Activities in the Baulkham Hills Area commencing from the Main Site - Conie Avenue located at 15A Conie Ave Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153 - access off Seven Hills Rd and is close to bus stops on Seven Hills Rd, Old Northern Rd & Windsor Rd.

We offer 18 activity options for consideration per day this includes activities being conducted at Aberdoon House which hosts our Art Institute covering art, jewellery and a range of craft activities.

Activity Choices for Conie Avenue 

Historical Aberdoon House is located at the cnr of Clower & Aberdour Rds Rouse Hill. NWDS provides transport to and from Aberdoon House via bus from Conie Ave or you can start and finish at Aberdoon House by your own transport. Aberdoon House programs are currently reflected on the Conie Avenue selection sheets.

Activity Choices for Aberdoon House

Activities in the Baulkham Hills area commencing at Lavender Cottage - located in the Balcombe Heights Estate off Seven Hills Rd, Baulkham Hills

Lavender Cottage offers many activity options for consideration per day this includes activities being conducted at historic Aberdoon House (Rouse Hill) which hosts our Art Institute covering art, jewellery and a range of craft activities.

Activity Choices for Lavender Cottage

Activities in the Richmond Area held at Opal Cottage - located in 46 Bourke St, Richmond

Offers a range of activity options for consideration everyday including activities being conducted at Secret Garden (Richmond).

Activity Choices for Opal Cottage  

Richmond Area - Gardening focused activities at the Secret Garden & New Secret Garden - located on the grounds of UWS Richmond, enter via the cnr of Bourke St & College Dr, Richmond.

A range of plant, garden and farmyard animal activities are offered Tuesday - Friday as well as the garden being open to the community to enjoy and buy plants.

Activity Choices for Secret Garden & New Secret Garden

Tiny Homes Project At the Secret Garden

Over the last few months the “Secret Garden Tiny Homes Project”  has drawn together representatives from  North West Disability Services, Secret Garden volunteers, Wentworth Community Housing, Penrith City Council, Blue Mountains City Council, Hawkesbury Valley Men’s Shed and Earth Builders Association of Australia to meet to discuss affordable housing.

With the project being hosted by the Secret Garden( Western Sydney University, Richmond).  Ray Trappel , our amazing Mud brick Building architect, has designed a sample tiny house containing natural materials that are suitable for a cooperative build. The group have been exploring how people may build a tiny house for their own backyard as a rental option and how that could be cost neutral with a community engagement initiative.

A number of workshops ran on Saturday 31st August at the Secret Garden to demonstrate these techniques as well as how to determine if one is suitable for individual sites. They also explored how people may also work toward an opportunity for future landlords and tenants to meet in an informal setting to discuss a potential project while helping to construct a display tiny house.

Bookings were required that includes a $20 contribution toward lunch on the day. The day was an exciting launch of this amazing new initiative. 

For further information please watch this space and the Secret Garden and nursery Facebook site.

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