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Accommodation Services

With the introduction of NDIS packaging for Accommodation the opportunity for true "Choice and Control" over your accommodation and future decisions is now available.

If you Currently Have an Accommodation Package

For those who currently have accommodation you will have your package rolled over into an NDIS package and you will be settling with your current or new accommodation provider. If you are looking to move from your current provider or wish to change your supports to more individualised support or you wish to live with a different group of friends then we are keen to talk to you to discuss options with you.

We are working with a number of families who have current accommodation or who are moving to new packages who wish to specialise their accommodation options and develop more suitable arrangements. Please contact us for more information regarding this, or arrange to come to a meeting with our families if this is something we can support you with. Contact us on or Gemhill Cottage

If you are planning to gain an Accommodation Package in the Future

If you are looking forward to a time when you will have your own accommodation package and are ready to plan for a future with a group of people who you know and wish to live with then we are keen to talk to you. We are working with a number of  people who are developing their own future life goals of accommodation that suits them and their lifestyle.These people are excited about the opportunity to live where they want and with the people they want to live with. They will also employ the staff they know and connect with, so they can plan their future aspirations and goals to work toward. NWDS will support you and your families to achieve your  future accommodation and if requested, provide the management of the accommodation into the future.

Families are also requesting interim opportunities where participants are trialing staying together overnight and attending functions and activities together to explore the possibilities that they may build a relationship that may suit a longer term living arrangement.  Our overnight stays have been and are great fun and participants have enjoyed the opportunity to cook a meal and plan activities that they enjoy doing together.

The development of  Micro Boards and Lifestyle Plans is a key component for the future when family members may then take time to look at other life goals and the participants move forward into their accommodation with joy and a sense of adventure. Talk to us if you would like to understand more about any of these aspects.